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call me Bootylicious
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I'm half Latin and here to bring the HEAT! I dance at the clubs and now I'm bringing the lapdance to your laptop. ;) If you think these free teases are hot just wait til you see what I bring to my members!

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shakinit to Forty Spitz working the booty out Nice and shiny booty shake dancing to A Frosty Comet in my tiny undies gangsta beat booty shakin shake it shake it to Champ and Tenn dancing in my fishnet lingerie strip naked dancing to Kruisin 1 minute tease stripping and shakin to The Unkownn stripping to that girl by Untamed Boys stripping it all off make the bongo booty go boom Ven Aqui by Chika shakin it to the unknownn booty shake n strip Dancing to Get It by The Unknownn ...cum and get it stripping and moving my bootylicious butt Shaking my bubble butt to DGOs Bongo Drum Natural Incense booty shaking lil thong and my big ol booty striptease to Kush dancing to shake that la by K9 a sexy striptease just for you dancing to Pizo Muzik shakin my booty to She Got A Cake By Cash dancing to Swole by Pizo shakin it to money by Layce you wanna hit this bongo drum? dont ya get it by The Unkownn dancing ot the bongo drum bottomless booty shaking totally naked booty shaking dancing to Cash stripping to Doing Work by ILL LEGAL PRODUCTIONS dancing to In your city by Armey Antz getting naked dancing to Rockstar shake that booty meat! got my new shakinit booty shorts strippin out of my purple dress

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